Results indicated that Murri Court participants with brain injury experience high levels of complex co-occurring problems including poor physical and mental health, alcohol and drug misuse problems, and barriers to employment and housing. Moreover, these problems impact the capacity of Murri Court Participants to comply with court obligations and conditions. Stakeholders confirmed the utility and feasibility of the Guddi Way Screen in the context of the Muri Court. The project enhanced the quality of information provided to the Murri Court, and enhanced court knowledge about the impacts of disability and brain injury, and potential referral linkages necessary to support improved outcomes for Murri Court participants.

Successful outcomes for Murri Court participants with brain injury rely on effectively linking individuals to both specialist and mainstream supports that improve their capacity to meet court conditions. This joined up approach requires focused and holistic engagement of service systems to respond to the many and varied complexities and the avenues through which necessary support may be accessed and tailored to the needs of a person with brain injury.

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples sentencing courts are designed to make the sentencing process more meaningful and less complex for offenders, with a strong emphasis on strengthening connection to culture and empowering Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities (Marchetti & Daly, 2007). The Murri Court is based on a Magistrates Court framework with the added involvement of Elders and Respected Persons, family members, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Organisations and justice groups, with an emphasis on rehabilitation and support (Morgan & Louis 2010).

Synapse is now also engaging with and planning similar pilots in the Barndimaglu Court in Western Australia, Risdon Prison and Ashley Youth Detention Centre in Tasmania and are amidst planning a further initiative in collaboration with partners focussing on screening of prisoners pre-exit from a correctional setting in North Queensland.