Specialist Brain Injury Information and Advice

Providing suitable care to someone with a brain injury involves many complex considerations. We can support you with detailed, specialist information advice about brain injury and how to address specific client needs. Our aim is to equip you to make more informed decisions for clients across the realms of health and medical systems, support services, social interaction, culture and family relationships.

Speak to us about:

  • The causes and subsequent effects of brain injury
  • How the effects of brain injury relate to your field of work
  • Specific brain injury conditions and their impacts
  • The social, economic and cultural factors surrounding brain injury
  • Exploring needs with your client to deliver more suitable support

Expand Your Professional Network

Having the right connections is key to ensuring your clients receive the most comprehensive and suitable care across all aspects of life. We can help you to expand your connections thanks to our strong, established network of brain injury professionals and service providers across the country. If you have proven experience working with people impacted by brain injury, we would love to speak about adding you to our national referral network.

Access Helpful Brain Injury Resources

Providing your clients with the information they need to understand and navigate their situation empowers them and helps you to build trust and credibility. We have a range of professional resources available that have been expertly prepared for those impacted by brain injury. Speak to us today about our resources which include:


  • Synapse Brain Injury Information Hub
  • Synapse Brain Injury Forum
  • Personal Brain Injury Stories


  • ABI: The Facts
  • Family Liaison Booklet

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Training & Education

Training & Education

Unique, specialised training to help you and your team better understand the needs of people impacted by brain injury.

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