For People with a Brain Injury

We understand brain injury and the challenges it presents, so you can rely on us to know what you’re going through. We’ll work to understand your specific challenges, what you need and how best to access it and achieve your current goals. 

For Carers and Family

We recognise just how important it is for you to confidently support and advocate for the person in your life with a brain injury and how challenging this may be. We’ll work with you to clarify decisions across medical, rehabilitation, funding and support systems equipping you to achieve the best outcomes. 


Speak to us about

  • Assessing functional abilities of life with brain injury
  • Planning for the NDIS
  • Accessing NDIS or general support coordination
  • Navigating hospital and rehabilitation systems
  • Identifying housing support options
  • Gaining practical support for daily living
  • Accessing advocacy services
  • Connecting with support groups – in-person and online
  • Accessing reliable brain injury information and resources

Supporting Informed Decisions

The complex nature of brain injury combined with the vast landscape of health, funding and support service options can present challenges when making the right decision for yourself or someone you care for. We are here to listen and learn about your situation and clarify the decisions in front of you to provide the information and advice you need to make the best choices

Nationally Connected to Services

Being Australia’s Brain Injury Organisation, we maintain a national network of trusted service and support providers. As we work to better understand the details of your situation, we can connect you with experienced, local service providers and support systems we believe will be suitable for you – including our own services where applicable. 

Explore more of our services

Assessment & Planning

Assessment & Planning

Practical assessments to identify how a brain injury is affecting your daily life and planning to ensure appropriate support.

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NDIS Services

NDIS Services

Registered NDIS pre-planning, support coordination and specialised services to ensure you, or the person you are caring for, get the most suitable support.

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